Sunday, October 29, 2006

One thing Claire loves to do is to purse her lips, puff out her cheeks, and blow (try it, it's fun). Often, after putting her down for a nap, we'll her her spitting for a half hour straight. If you imitate her, she will smile, but won't do it with you... 1 spitter is enough, I guess. The picture below is blurry, but gives a pretty good idea of the funny face she makes when she does it.

One of Claire and Jacob's favorite times is right after their baths. They are happy and playful. I think they both just love being naked!

They also love their exersaucers. When we put them together, they will look at one another and talk to each other. Last week, Dani said she put the kids in the same crib in the morning and for over an hour, Jacob and Claire were talking to each other. Claire would talk, and it would make Jacob laugh, then Jacob would talk and Claire would laugh.
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Camie said...

You guys are in BIG trouble--your babies are already plotting against you!! I love that picture of them in their exersaucer!

cmil said...

It was so fun to be there to witness these pictures.

I think you should post a picture of Dani's new haircut.

amber nicole said...

excuse me! can you please put these people on hold until i get home. less than 2 months, little babies!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE baby girls in that pose do you have more with her facing the camera so I can see her bald puffy slit?

Anonymous said...

I have lots from new born up, bby is the best c--t there is