Thursday, October 05, 2006

What a weekend!!!

It all started before the weekend when Dani, Camie, and my mom went to the outlet malls north of Cincinnati. Camie was the grand prize winner for most stuff (I'm surprised it all fit in the van on the way home, by the way), but Dani did quite well herself. On Friday night, she went to the Mothers of Twins sale, where she came home with bags full of clothes, toys, and other great baby gear as well as a high chair and 2 exersaucers. What a night of shopping it was, and then Dani showed off her car-packing skills as she stuffed everything into the Acura, which was no small feat. Here she is sitting among just some of her purchases:

I'd also like to mention that for the first time since the babies were born, Dani was given a full reprieve from putting babies to bed. Claire, Jacob, and I came home, and I fed them rice cereal, bathed them, and then fed them again using the boppy and then put them to bed without a fuss! It was amazing! By the way, Jacob was very confused to be placed on the boppy and to look up and see me (he gave a, "what do I do, dad?" look). Claire, upon discovering Dani was not seated in the boppy gave the most heartbroken look and cry.

Here are our kids in their new toys! They love their exersaucers!

They could be on the package with their big smiles!
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Anne Marie said...

I'm a friend of Camie's and also a twin momma. I just had to tell you that your babies look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! They are so adorable and look so healthy. Keep up the great work.

cmil said...

Thanks again for all the pictures and commentary. I can't wait to get my hands on those babies again.

Camie said...

Hey--we have the same exersaucer with the jungle animals! They look happy in them. Great purchases! And by the way, we don't have a VAN to drive home all our stuff in--we had to squish it all into a sedan!