Tuesday, September 25, 2007

1st Haircut

Dani's friend Billie came to visit for a weekend, and since she cuts hair, Billie gave our kids a haircut. They needed it! Claire's hair was always in her face, and Jacob looked like he had a comb-over because of how long his hair was.
To get them to hold still, Dani put in a movie... that helped a little.
Don't they look cute? Claire's hair looks especially cute when you can see the back of it because it curls a little (especially after naps).
And Jacob looks like a like a little man now!


Anonymous said...

I love the haircuts. They both look so cute! So do Billie and Dani!

Taylor Jensen said...

i like! haha. they look so much bigger than they were when i took off. JJ- i got a call from your boy jarom at 1230 last night. he was proud, and invited the ninjas to come to octoberfest.