Saturday, September 29, 2007

Birthday Vacation (kid-free post!)

No, you didn't miss either of our birthdays. For my birthday in May, Dani gave me tickets to an A's-Indians game in September. After months of waiting (and very actual trip planning!), we dropped Claire and Jacob off at my parents', and went for a weekend of fun (and peace).

First stop was Jeffersonville, at the outlet malls. After spending some time finding some deals (including 75% off at Old Navy, where I got 4 t-shirts and Dani got a hat all for $10), we went to the Amish Country, northeast of Columbus. We visited a cheese factory (Heini's Cheese) and tried a whole bunch of cheese. We took a walk around Berlin Ohio and enjoyed a change of pace, then ate dinner at an Amish-style restaurant, and stayed at Hotel Millersburg, built in 1847. I'm sure James Polk slept in the same bed we had - it was not all that comfortable!

On the way out of Amish Country, we happened upon a couple really cool sites. I first commandeered this rig along the highway. Pretty sweet, huh?
And we stopped by Tom Dick & Harry Alley. We unfortunately did not meet Tom, Dick, or Harry.
We then went mountainbiking in Mohican State Park. It was a great ride through the trees and the hills. I took a good spill onto a log and Dani didn't like the first uphill mile, but it really was a good ride. I miss mountain biking!

We then drove to Cleveland, changed, and went to Jacobs Field. We arrived in time for batting practice. We congregated with a handful of A's faithful to watch practice and get autographs (for which I was observer - I just don't get the obsession!).

There was a big crowd in anticipation of Cleveland clinching the AL Central, but I got to see an A's win. It was a lot of fun, I hope the A's play the Reds in the world series next year so I can see another game next year (I know, keep dreaming).

(The Hat Dani's wearing, $2.25 at Old Navy - Nice, huh?)

We stayed at a Hyatt in downtown Cleveland. It's a very cool hotel. Here's a picture:

We had a great time! I'm not sure what the best part was, the cheese, the mountain biking, the baseball, or the 2 straight nights without kiddos!


Taylor Jensen said...

you are classic. i love the comandeering and didnt realize you were such a boatsman! haha. i also love the cheap t-shirts. good find. haha.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are so dedicated to taking pictures. It sounds like you had a great time and I'm sure you truly appreciated the time away from those darling but demanding twins.

Thanks for all the fun times this past week!

Desi said...

I linked to your blog from my friend's blog. My sister just had her second set of boy/girl twins! They are all so special. Congratulations!

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