Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas party

A week and a half ago was our ward Christmas party, and Dani and I were happy to be there without the added stress of planning it this year! We sat front and center with the Browns during dinner - Jacob loved sitting at the table like a big boy!
Our kids ate a ton! They ate everything, too - rolls, veggies, salad, and ham.
Afterwards, they watched the ward talent show (or at least the first 3 performances):

We then walked with our kids around the gym with our kids, who were searching for anyone who would feed them chocolate. They found quite a few people who were glad to share! We were really just waiting for Santa!

Claire ran right up to Santa and happily sat on his lap.
Jacob would've rather just said, "Santa" and "Ho ho ho" from a distance.

Here's our family Christmas photo. And our christmas tree
We're looking forward to being in Wyoming this year for Christmas!


ANJ said...

my favorite picture is the one of the kids sitting on the floor.

Angela said...

Wyoming for Christmas, BRRRRR!! I really like the picture of the kids on Santa's lap. Santa's glasses are about to fall off the end of his nose. It's a good thing you got a picture of the kids sitting on the floor, still. Bet that doesn't happen often :)

Christina said...

it looks like claire ate the "whole thing"
How cute!!

Anonymous said...

Not the most flattering picture of Claire with Dani, but the others are cute. I like your family photo.