Friday, December 14, 2007

Random photos (and stories - worth a skim)

Here is Claire with her head in a mixing bowl
Jacob also thought the mixing bowl was better used as a hat. Side note: both of these mixing bowls are in a cupboard they are not allowed in (because months ago, Jacob threw one of these mixing bowls and cracked it pretty badly). Dani was upstairs for 10 minutes ago and came down to her kids laughing at each other and saying, "Hat."
This is a picture at Nana's from Thanksgiving weekend. Claire and Jacob were practicing for the big Turkey day... little did they know that they'd be sleeping through dinner!
They loved to sit up to their own table and play. They're really getting into make believe. Dani watched one day as Claire took one of her favorite stuffed animals (a monkey) over to table with the diapers in it. She took out a diaper, laid the monkey down, and tried to put the diaper on. Very cute!
Click on this picture and take a close look at that face Jacob is making - it's hilarious!

THANKSGIVING TURKEY-BOWL SHOUT-OUT: to my dad! For the first time ever, we had 4 Jensens on the same team, which proved to be a winning combination. The official Turkey Bowl patriarch (by multiple years, may I add) more than held his own, playing quarterback and guiding his team down the field with a very New-England-Patriots-like efficiency. He was the unanimous MVP of the Turkey Bowl. Good on ya, mate!