Friday, December 07, 2007

Kiddos love being outside!

Jacob and Claire love to be outside. Claire is becoming a little bit of a tomboy when she's outside. She loves to play with the dirt, bring rocks and sticks back from the parks, pick flowers, and get dirty. Jacob isn't sure he loves the dirt much. He'd rather run around, bark at the dogs, and point at planes.

We got kiddos a little cozy coupe, and Jacob loved it! He's saying, "oooh," which involves making that little face that moves his mouth to the side. It's cute.
So is Claire. Especially when she takes a handful of dirt and shoves it in her mouth (and all over her face)
Another day, more throwing dirt

One of her favorite things to do is to empty the dirt from the potter (which, by the way, yielded 7 tomatoes from its 3 plants - which is an improvement from the last time we planted tomatoes). Notice this is pre-dirt eating (the second picture).
Crazy man

By the way, we're feeling grateful that our kids have gotten over their colds. Jacob and Claire traded the flu back and forth for almost 3 weeks. Jacob was constantly on the edge of a meltdown for an entire week, then Claire took a turn. They really weren't acting like themselves and it was not fun for anyone (except for Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales, which got more TV time than usual!). We're happy to have them feeling better and acting like the happy little energy-balls that we know and love! And Dani is glad to be able to go through a few days without Veggie Tales or Baby Einstein!


cmil said...

They are looking so much older. I'm afraid Claire is taking after Dani at that age. I called her Pigpen ( from the Charles Schultz strip). Heath had that same cozy coup and loved it! laire looks in need of a hair trims, especially the bangs.