Monday, February 04, 2008

January Lessons

I have so many pictures from January that I decided to pick some and try to sum up most of the month in one post.  So here are the lessons learned in January at the Jensen house.  

Lesson 1:  Getting a good picture of two members of the household is very difficult, sometimes two members have to be trapped to even get a picture together at all. (Please try to ignore the nose nastiness, we had a lot of January illness).

Lesson 2: Toddlers can produce pencils out of nowhere.  I left them alone for a few minutes and I could hear them laughing and having a great time.  When I discovered the damage to the wall (and all the way across the windowsill) they had moved on to some other activity.  I can not figure out where they got the pencil and I have NO IDEA where the pencil is now!  It has been a few weeks and I am still just hoping that I find it before they do.
Lesson 3: Sick kids can fall asleep anywhere.  Both Jacob and Claire were sick a few weeks ago (of course they had to stagger it by 5 days so it could last a full 2 weeks) but they were both just so exhausted and had really high fevers.  My kids NEVER fall asleep anywhere but a crib, pack-n-play, or occasionally a carseat, but they were just so tired.  Jacob curled up and fell asleep in his toddler rocker with his bear (he spent about 3 days in that chair and always had his bear).  Shortly after this picture was taken I moved him to a bed.
Claire woke up early one morning and we brought her in our room to let her play next to our bed and she fell asleep on our floor under a pillow.  She slept there for over an hour.
Lesson 4:  Kids pick-up on the funniest things!  Jacob sometimes leans on his hand and rests his elbow on the table (or high-chair) while he tells us stories (streams of nonsense).  Both of our kids have also started playing 'night-night', a game where they lay down while yelling "nigh-nigh" and then they make snoring noises, then they pop-up and scream "WAAY AH!" (wake-up).  The whole process then begins all over.  
Here Jacob is playing his Night-night game.  The other night he woke up screaming and I went in to find him with his elbow stuck in his sleeve and his hand up by his chest, so I fixed it then he just threw himself down and yelled "nigh-nigh" and started making snoring sounds, so I just went back to bed.  It was actually really hilarious!


Sarah said...

I love the picture of Jacob asleep in his toddler rocker chair and Claire asleep on the floor with the pillow over her. Too cute! Oh and I just love the drawing on the wall! They are quite the artists! ps. I secretly showed your kids where they could find a pencil, and then told them to put it back in its hiding place when they were done drawing on your walls! So be careful, they may stike again!

Julie said...

Your kids are getting so big! They don't look like babies at all any more. They're deffinetly big kids now. I have to say I'm jealous that you guys have twins. I love that they can play with eachother and be naughty together.

ANJ said...

yayyyyyyyy he loves the bear! (are you trying to make him as neurotic as i am by not taking the tags off???)

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Jacob talking to you while leaning on his elbow. I also think Dani looks good in the picture with Claire. poor Claire looks like she had one very sore nose--poor kid. Nice art work! Good luck finding the pencil.