Monday, April 14, 2008

Best Buddies!

Sometimes my kids actually get along really well.  This morning they spent over an hour running between rooms upstairs (the 2 rooms without doorknob covers) laughing hysterically with each other.  They made a pretty big mess too, but I got quite a bit done when they didn't need me to referee.  I think this is a cute picture of them, they love to get in this chair and go "wocky wock, wocky wocky wock"  (rocky rock, etc...).
They especially love to be naughty together.  This was one of those moments where they had be at each others' throats all day and I was just leaving them alone because they finally seemed to be getting along, when I checked on them I discovered why!
They emptied everything from both drawers of the coffee table and they were each sitting in one.  They were so proud of themselves for finding the perfect chair.
They were having quite the conversation and reading their magazines.  For me it was a get your camera or get upset moment, and you can see the choice I made.  But after the pictures were taken the kids were removed and told not to sit in the drawers, then I made them help me clean up (which makes for very messy drawers).  Speaking of which, Claire really really loves to sing the 'Clean Up' song, it is hilarious; she also seems to be getting bossier, so if she is singing a song, you are not to sing that song!
Here is the whole scene from the front.
I love this picture, they really love giving kisses (especially if Claire is in the mood for them).


Steffani said...

Dani, this totally cracks me up. My two and a half year old also loves to sing, and the clean up song is high up there on her list, but heaven forbid anyone try to sing with her if she doesn't want you to. She will turn and will the straightest face don't sing mommy! just Hailey! It cracks me up. They are precious. I'm hoping we will be able to get together this summer when I'm in the area....

Sarah said...

I am a mazed your two kids didn't bust the drawers on the coffee table:) I really like the last picture of the two of them kissing-so priceless:)

Jim & Mel said...

I don't think the damage to our house will stop us from having fun with you guys. Don't worry

sassparilla said...

that kissing picture is definitely going in their wedding videos. just so everyone knows.