Monday, April 28, 2008

Murder! Oh My!

It is July, 1940. The German troops are about to enter Paris. The roads south are a hopeless snarl; the trains are full and one cannot find space aboard them. Yet to remain in the city and see her brutalized by the Nazis will not be a pleasant thing. An anonymous letter arrives, offering you passage aboard a government train heading for the relative safety of Southern France. During the trip, murder is discovered and the passengers must decide who amongst them has committed the crime.

Here are the suspects:
Mary K. Trairie (the American reporter) and Malcolm R. Conntint 'Mal' (the gangster) (and their little girl, even though their characters are not connected). Mal also took on the nickname of K-Fed for the night.
Barbara Z. Enhussie(daughter of the French Perfume King) and RAF Group Captain Weyland W. Awfcorce 'Wey' (The Pilot)
Princess Idelle Chattre (Princess) and Khover T. Ageante (Secret Agent)
Duke Swazhe B. U. Klare (Duke) and Belinda Screete (American dress maker)
We are so glad that we have friends that are not opposed to getting all dressed up and pretending to be someone else for a night. (For any friends who didn't get in on this one, but would love to be someone else for a night, I am already searching for the next mystery, we may have to try a double cast party next time.) I have to point out that my amazing dress actually once belonged to Jared's Granny, it was perfect! We had quite the time trying to unravel the mystery while eating our French menu of crab quiche, french bread, salad (not so french), and chocolate mousse cake (worth all of the work). It was fun to learn the dirty secrets we all had and eventually uncover the murderer. So whodunit? ...I will have to keep that secret in case you ever have the opportunity to solve the mystery yourself, but you tell me, who do you think dunit?


Camie said...

What a fun night!! I've never done that storyline before, so I don't know who did it!! I'm glad your delicious chocolate mousse turned out well! I guess you found the crumbs after all!

Taylor Jensen said...

it was def. ellie. you can see it in here eyes and innocent smile.

3T's said...

I thought Mal's nickname was actually K-fed? Nick Lachey is totally different!

Anonymous said...

Looks like anoter fun time. Chocolate mousse, huh. I guess I know what I am expecting when we get there.

Jared and Dani said...

oh, it was K-Fed, I get my stars mixed up all the time. Oops

Angela said...

What a great night!! Sign us up for the next round :) I think it was the little girl, or the princess.

Sarah said...

I am so happy too that you have friends that love to dress up and pretend to be killers!! Hehehehehe:) Can I just come to the next one to eat??

little miss shortcake said...

see - this is why you guys intimidate us :)