Sunday, April 20, 2008

Holy Cow! Happy Birthday!

Ok, So I tried to post on their actual birthday but blogger was not cooperating, so we are a few days late, but here it goes!  I can't believe that this picture was 2 whole years ago, when I woke up Friday I told Jared "at this time 2 years ago I was going 'owie owie owie owie'".  
I also cannot believe that Jacob was ever this tiny, two years ago he also had the tiniest little voice (anyone who knows him now would never believe it).
Claire was tiny too, but she always had big cheeks!  
We celebrated all day on Friday; it was birthday number 2 for 2!  We started with the special breakfast sent from Aunt Peepee (my sister Kaci).  I thought it was so funny that she spent this much on shipping to send them powdered Hostess donuts for breakfast.

She insisted that we give them to Jacob and Claire for breakfast since they have NEVER had donuts, she thinks I deprive them, but they are just as happy with plain old oatmeal.
They got Go-gurts and powdered donuts for their birthday breakfast and they were all smiles because they knew it was their birthday!  These pictures are for you Kaci!
We spent the morning with Sesame Street while mom decorated cakes and Dad helped our neighbor fix our back door (that the kids broke, another story for another day), yes Dad took the day off.   We spent the late morning and early afternoon on the bike trail, so much fun and we even stopped at a park along the trail to play for awhile.
We had Nana and Papa and our friends the Browns over for the birthday party and Jacob and Claire really cleaned up (there are a lot of presents when there are 2 kids turning 2).  This wagon from Nana and Papa was a popular gift, their little friend Abigail really liked it too!
This is my birthday cake attempt and I am actually quite happy with it since I think that the characters are somewhat recognizable.  For those of you who don't recognize them, this is Bob and Larry, the tomato and cucumber from Veggie Tales.  Jacob and Claire really love Veggie Tales.
They both blew out their own candles.  Happy Birthday to are two little two year olds, we can't believe that 2 years have passed (and at the same time we really do believe it).
And today in church it was obvious that they are 2, it was like someone flipped the 2 switch (not that they were calm in church before) but they really could not sit still and were very bossy!  We sure do love them though and we have really enjoyed watching them play together and their big personalities in their little bodies.


little miss shortcake said...

sounds like the perfect 2 year old bday! happy birthday jacob & claire!
ps - if you think 2 is bad, i will be nice and warn you about the terrible 3s before they happen! so enjoy the 2x2 while you can :)

Justin & Whitney said...

Happy B-day twinners! They are soo cute and big, we can't wait to see these 6- 2 year old together- yikes!!

Sarah said...

I like the baby pictures. Hard to believe they were that small at one time.They sure have grown up!! And I think you did a great job on the cake:)

Anonymous said...

Love the cakes! It looks like they had a grand time. Can't wait to see them in person.

i will bloom... said...

Happy birthday Jacob and Claire!! Fun pictures and the cakes look great :)

Those terrible 3s that Cari is talking about are called, the "i'm going to be a brat till kindergarten" stage, and it is not a myth.

Good for dad for taking the day off!!

i will bloom... said...

ooops, I meant to write Carrie (like Sheppard), not Cari (like Hutchison) :)

The Reed Family said...

WOW!! I found your blog off of Cari H's. I can't believe your kiddos are 2!! Hope you don't mind if I follow your adventures! :-) Happy Birth Day to ALL of you!!!

Julie said...

Holy cow I can't believe they're already 2!! I still remember when you guys came over with an your ultrasound and I almost peed my pants when I saw 2. Time flies! Happy Birthday Claire and Jacob!!

Anne's Little Life said...

Happy Birthday to Jacob and Claire. I'd say those cakes are pretty impressive....and you think you're not crafty. Not true! It's amazing how much they still look like their baby pictures, albeit bigger and older now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. And thanks for ratting me out for the shipping. There was something else in that box too you know!!!
Aunt pee pee

Anonymous said...

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