Friday, October 24, 2008


So my last post was about how my kids are growing up.  Here is the proof.  Here are their new big kid beds (and the bedding that I am trying to decide on.  I love both and both were a great deal, but I am trying to decide if they work ok in the same bedroom, trying to play off the yellow and green).
This is Jacob's big boy bed, which he LOVES and has done really well at sleeping in (only fell out once).  I love the bedding and it has the same green gingham as their window valance.
This is Claire's big girl bed which she loves loves loves and sleeps in so well at night and for naps.  I am hoping to play off the green and yellow in hers that coordinates with Jacob's, I just put the new quilts on this morning.  Please help, tell me if this is ok!!!!
Jacob his first night in a big kid bed....he was so excited!
This is my so big girl (who is currently throwing a fit on my lap).  She has started to really like posing for a camera.  She is also wearing a ponytail (even if it is messy), big girl panties, and her new favorite rainboots. Doesn't she look so grown up?


Sarah said...

I LOVE the beds! I heard you got a great deal! Where did you get them?? And I LOVE the bedspreads! I think they look good! Such big kids!

Camie said...

Hi Dani! I think their room looks really cute set up like that! And I like both of the bedspreads--very cute! clayton still doesn't have one. He's using the one I had during college--at least it's blue!

Anonymous said...

UMMMMM....NO! The whole bed thing is not okay...why in the world would you put those kids in a bed. You are out of your mind. I'm not letting Toby have a bed until he's 12! But since you already did it, I think the whole bedspread thing will work out as long as you accentuate the rest of the room with it. My name is Ethan Allen afterall...NOT!

Rebecca said...

She does look so grown up!

I love both of the quilts but I think since they are in the same room there it is too many different patterns going on. To unify the room if it was me I would keep Jacob's quilt and then get a solid quilt for Miss Claire using one of the colors in Jacob's quilt...I think red would be super cute. Then I would make/get some pillows with ruffles on the edges using polka-dot fabric in several different colors from Jacob's the colors would be more "masculine" but the execution (ruffles, polka dots) would be more feminine. Maybe you could add a ruffly bedskirt in red or white. You could also sew/iron on letters onto the pillows of Claire's to tie in the alphabet theme from Jacob's quilt. You could also do solid pillows with letters to coordinate on J's bed. The idea would be that the focal point of J's bed would be the spread and the focal point of C's bed would be the pillows so there is unity without being exactly the same. I think Jacob's quilt colors are really fun and bold and could be feminized on Miss Claire's side so that the room seems unified yet it is obvious that a little girl lives there.

Now that you got me going on this it would be fun to add to the Alphabet theme by getting some of those wooden letters at the craft store and paint them in the colors from J's quilt and spell out their names above their beds or somewhere in the room. For Claire's letters you could tie ribbons around the letters or paint polka dots or hearts or something on them to give them a little feminine flair.

And then I would keep Claire's quilt for later when she eventually has her own room.

And that's all I have to say about that:)

Rebecca said...

I am looking at it again and have another idea...maybe you could buy another quilt like jacobs and cut it up to make pillows on claire's bed that spell out her name (or just make them to match the quilt so you don't have to buy another one...some could be quite small) and then you would add a ruffle edge to the pillows to make it more feminine. Still the solid quilt...yellow would also be really cute.

If you ended up buying an extra quilt you could use the rest of the quilt for more decorations in the could frame some of the letters to spell words or you could sew them to solid colored drapes to continue with the alphabet theme.

Can you tell I am excited to get out of our apartment and decorate a house?:) at least I can live vicariously through you for the moment:)

Mallory said...

Wow, Claire does look very grown up in that picture. She is such a cutie. I think the beds look fine...but not many people agree with my sense of style. And I'm cheap, so I wouldn't care if they didn't match, as long as they were a good price. Anyway, if you really want it to look good, I would also do Jacob's quilt and then have Claire's a solid color and more girly looking. :D

Karena said...

Things like this always come faster than you think they will. I bet it's more interesting when it invovles twins.

Anonymous said...

I think the green and yellow tie in nicely and perhaps you can use some of rebecca's pillow ideas. That picture of Claire does look grown up!