Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Come What May and Love It

I am referring to this great talk by Elder Wirthlin that I read yesterday....great timing for it since today we have a new president and it obviously was not the man I was hoping for.


Today I am not thrilled about this, but I can't say I am surprised or that I am devastated.  I am trying not to be afraid and to be faithful and hopeful instead, last week at church someone mentioned in their testimony "there is no room for fear in faith" which I believe is true so I am trying to leave behind fears that I have of Obama being our next president.  I am going to try to trust in our Father in Heaven, remember to laugh, and also remember that these next four years are going to be such a small moment of time in the eternal perspective.  I am also going to try to dwell on the positive, so here is the positive:

-Barack Obama is the first black president, that is historical and inspiring

-Barack Obama is a great speaker, he is motivating and convincing

-The majority of the USA is happy about this president and looking forward to this time

-Proposition 8 passed in California.....REALLY GREAT NEWS!

-Proposition 6 (casino for Ohio) failed in Ohio

I am sure there are more, but I am still working on the positive, with that said, please pray for our country, please pray for our new president and remember to Love what is coming, because it is coming!


Steffani said...

This is a great attitude Dani and I loved that talk too. One other positive for you...prop 102 (just like 8) passed in Arizona. Way to defend the family! Woo Hoo!!!

Anonymous said...

Great attitude! I will take your positive notes, but I am still bummed that the dems are not getting the credit they deserve for the bank failures and especially the connection with Fannie and Freddie and Obama's connection to the whole financial mess through ACORN. I hope there will be some outing in the next 4 years. Yeah for the props on the family. There was another one in a state I can't remember.


Der SID said...

Prop 8 in CA continues to be a battle. they are now targetign mormons and protesting outside of the temple every night.

oh, may i remark that it is astounding that your child can say, "avast ye scurvy dawg" at such a young age.

kaci plus said...

The family is central to Heavenly Father's plan. I am thankful that we have a prophet. And I too was disappointed yet not surprised about the Obama thing. I feel that more than ever it is so important to take all the counsel we can get from our leaders and put it to use for our families. It looks like many of us agree with all the good propositions passing in all the different states!