Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Imaginary fights and fall pics.

So, I thought I should share this lovely story for journaling purposes.  No, the fight itself was not imaginary, it was oh so real.  A few weeks ago I was shopping in HomeGoods (one of my favorite stores) with my children who after finishing their goldfish snack imagined up a cookie. I love that they imagine, but there is a little problem with their imaginations.  This cookie they had both imagined was only one cookie and they started to fight over this cookie, then the fight turned into a full force screaming and hitting brawl, Jacob would rip the imaginary cookie out of Claire's fingers and scream "my cookie" which would lead Claire to a full fledged fit and Jacob would take the i.c. straight to his mouth.  At this point Claire shoved her fat little fingers into Jacob's mouth to retrieve the i.c. and loudly declared "NO, my cookie!"  This exchange went back and forth and pushing, hitting, pulling, and screaming got involved.  I quickly tried to separate them and settle the whole thing, but the screaming was out of control, I was able to control the screaming long enough to create an i.c. for each of them so they had 2 instead of one and no longer needed to fight and I evacuated the store as quickly as possible.  On the sidewalk outside of HomeGoods they both got a good talking to and neither one would look up at me because they knew they were in really big trouble.  After that I went in and quickly made my purchases.  Anyhow, the imaginary food fight continue to pop up, today at lunch they were pretending to take food off of each others' plates from across the table and eat it which created a huge fit and a snowball of more problems.  Like I said, I love that they imagine, I just wish they could learn to imagine an extra cookie. 
   These are pictures from our trip to Shaw Farms over a month ago, it is where we bought our pumpkins that are sitting on our front porch uncarved.
Shaw farms has a lot of cheesy fairtale/cartoon related kids play stuff with their pumpkins. This llama picture is for Amber because Jared thought that she would think the llama was funny!?!?!???
This is the pirate ship and all the pirates, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, and my screaming son.
Claire was pretty good at posing for me.
Jacob peaking through the window on the pirate ship.
I dared Jared to get a picture of both of them with the pumpkins looking at the camera, he took the dare even though I told him it was impossible.  This is the best he got, not too bad actually, they are both looking up, there are pumpkins, and they are saying cheese.


The Thalman's said...

Ok, the imaginary cookie fight SERIOUSLY cracked us up here!!! (Especially Claire reaching into Jacob's mouth to retrieve the i.c.! LOL!!!!

kaci plus said...

That's the funniest story I ever heard and is exactly what I needed to hear today. I had the worst day of my life today and that just made my day!

Anonymous said...

This the funniest blog I have read in a very long time! I can truly "imagine" this scene because I know and love the two little people involved. It is hard enough to deal with battles over real things but I don't know a mom can triumph over 2 year old imaginations! To know them is to love them!

Your favorite mother/mother-in-law

Anonymous said...

You had told me about the fit, but didn't in Homegoods, but did not explain what brought it on. Kaci said I had to read your blog today so I could have a good laugh. I certainly did get get a good laugh as did Kaci as I read it aloud to her again over the phone. I am going to make sure Toni tunes in so she can see what you deal wit on a daily basis and I'm sure she could use a good laugh. Knowing those two, it isn't hard to imagine the scene. You've gotta love em!

The other favorite Mom/Mom-in-law, better known as cmil

Anonymous said...

I forgot to vcomment on the pics. I was happy to be a part of that day and I remember the challenge you issued to Jared. The picture turned out much better than I imagined. Some cute pics!


Nicole said...

HAHA! You have some smart kids to come up with that! And the picture is adorable!

little miss shortcake said...

i'm so glad that you had the ingredients and were able to make another i.c.!
TOO funny, and all too familiar.

Christina said...

I love hearing other people's stories about their kids. I think this is the best one!!
what a handful!!