Friday, April 16, 2010

Little acts of independence

Since the time she started showing her personality, one trait that has always come out is that Claire will be independent, and she will let us know it. For some reason (and much to our chagrin), bedtime is one of her favorite times to be independent.

Recently, she's decided that pajamas are too cumbersome, or uncomfortable, or not the right ones, or too in line with what her parents want. More times than not for the past month, when we go in and check on her, she's either missing an article of clothing (see below), or she's changed her clothes.

Tonight (close to midnight), I headed up the stairs, and, upon turning the corner, I was met with this. Notice that the diaper is on backwards, which means that Claire put it on herself. Unfortunately, the reason she put it on herself, is because her other diaper was wet (as were her pajama pants - a sure sign she'd had the diaper off earlier and put it on herself).

She apparently had planned to stage some sort of rebellion, as she brought her pillow and blanket with her.


Holly said...

Oh, that chica cracks me up!

Sarah said...

I Love it!! I love how she is her own person!! What is she doing wearing a diaper???? Shouldn't she be wearing panties to bed??? Or did she take her panties off to put a diaper on??? Keep these kind of posts up-they make me feel good-we are all in the same boat dealing with same issues!!!

Anonymous said...

Claire, Claire, Claire!