Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tulip Festival

Warning: This is a picture intensive post (compared to the number of pictures I took it is not really that bad).

My mom and my Grandma came to town and we took them to the local tulip festival. It was a great time. There were basically tulips as far as you could see.
Jacob had a very clear idea of where he wanted his picture taken... and this was not it.
There was every color of tulip you could imagine.
A rare picture of my Grandma.
We wore our rubber boots... they were perfect.
She wore the sunglasses the whole time (and an attitude to accompany them).

Waiting with the attitude.
This giant slid was made out of PVC pipes, Jacob got to the top and wanted to turn around but there was a huge line up the ladder behind him so I am made him go... turns out it is the slowest moving slide EVER so there was no reason to be nervous. He loved it.
It was the Wooden Shoe tulip farm, so we had to have hot dogs, or Bratwursts for lunch.
They had rubber duck races... Jacob and Claire really loved it!
Kiddos also got to ride a funny cow train that they pull behind a little tractor.
They loved it and now whenever they see a small tractor when we are driving somewhere they yell "Hey Mom... it is like the silly train!"
They had a lot of these.

This one was my favorite!
It was a beautiful and fun day... we will be back next year!


Camie said...

WOW. I can't imagine something so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing these pics!

Unknown said...

It was a fun day and something we certainly hadn't experienced before.

You actually got a pretty good picture of Mom.

I remember a cute picture of you and Jacob--why didn't you post a picture of you?