Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Jared!

I am now married to a man who is one short year shy of 30 (30 is really old). I am so glad I found him though, and so glad he chose me. He is my sweetheart. He is always good for a laugh and always up for a good time. Jared has a adventuresome spirit and I love it!
He is such a good daddy... these two love him; I am pretty sure that they think that the world revolves around daddy and he is responsible for the sunshine and every good thing in their lives.
Claire is his little princess (and she knows it).
He is quite handsome (and he thinks he is quite cute).
Jacob is his miniature, and he loves it.
Sunday was Jared's birthday and we had some friends over to celebrate. All of the kids flock to Jared, they think that his games are the most fun. He is really popular with the children.
I asked Jared what he wanted for dinner and he said "cornbread" (thanks for the help). I asked him what kind of cake he wanted and he said "baseball" (not exactly the question I was asking). Remember how I said he thinks he is cute?
So he had a baseball party. With a baseball cake.
and baseballs made out of ice cream.
I think he liked it!
Happy Birthday Sweetie!


sassparilla said...

wow, baseball ice cream? i'm impressed. happy birthday, jare-ware.

Mr. Macdonald said...

Happy birthday Jared! We need to hangout this summer!

Anonymous said...

Hey you! I got your blog from Marnie. I just had to tell you a funny story - I was looking for someone to help me with one of my other blogs and long story short...totally random...I came across a pic of you guys in your Valentine's Day gear...lol. I found it on Julie MacDonald's website. What a small world!!! And I told her that the funny thing was that we were with you guys last Vday! And the fact that we are sad that you guys moved away, of course =( Anyway, we hope you are doing well out there! Here's our blog if you guys want to keep in touch: www.thepineapplepatch.com I am on a mission to keep it updated more regularly...we'll see though. Take care!
Collette, Brian and Brighton

p.s. you need to come back again so we can have another pool party...haha.

Anonymous said...

p.p.s. Happy Belated Bday Jared!