Thursday, May 20, 2010

Preschool Program

In April Jacob and Claire had a preschool program. They sang a bunch of songs, most of them about Jesus (they go to a Christian preschool). They were so excited... mostly Claire, Jacob seemed much more excited when he wasn't on stage.
He noticed that his friend had on a "Cars" T-shirt. Claire knew all the actions and words (so did Jacob, I have heard them all at home, but he seemed to have forgotten them).
The shakers were really fun for all the kids, but Jacob must have grown weary of them by the time the song was over.
This is exhausting! Claire is SO happy with herself and looks at us after every song with a big grin.
Jacob just can't quite stay standing.

"Oh, I have gel in my hair." Claire has her classic 'see how good I did' face.
"Wow, look at my shoes."
"That shirt has Lightning McQueen!" He really spent ALOT of the program bending over looking at this T-shirt, once he leaned so far forward to see it that he fell right off the risers.

The whole group.
It was a very cute program and Jared and I spent a lot of it laughing. It was really funny to watch how cute they were and how differently they both responded to being on stage. (I realize this was a lot of very similar pictures, but I assure you it is only a very small sampling of the pictures I took).


The Forbes Family said...

That is so cute! I'm laughing at Jacob's attention span! We miss you guys!

Kelsey Ann said...

I don't think they were all the same at all. I am a mother too and each picture tells a story. Thanks for narriating it for me! Your kids make me laugh!

Julie Gneiting said...

Those pictures are hilarious. I remember a photo session with Carson and Tanner one time that went about like your program. There was a series of pictures and they told a whole story more of what they were doing with each other than the photo session.

Nicholas Cupps said...

So Cute. Jacob kills me!

Sarah said...

I LOVE the photos!!! Jacob is such a character. I am sure you enjoyed the program very much:)

Karena said...

Gavin and I have gone private. Email me and we'll send you an invite.