Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gettin' Around

Liam and Kate started sitting quite a bit earlier than Jacob and Claire did.  Liam had an interesting (and painful-looking) way of reaching in front of himself to get a toy and to get onto his belly.

Babies are scooting around the floor now.  Liam has been army-crawling for a month or two, and Kate has started in the last month.  They've managed to find a lot of fun things to play with.  One day, Kate found the phone book. Liam was quick to join in the fun!
 One big difference with the second set of twins is that we don't have nearly as much control of what is on the floor... who knows how Liam rolled over this chocolate!
Liam sometimes likes to lay on his back and scoot around the floor.  One night, he found a book to read/chew on while he scooted around the floor for about 30 minutes.
 They are very happy to be able to explore, and I love it when I come home and babies scoot over to greet me.  They're not pulling themselves up yet, but it isn't long before Dani and I will need to move another level of stuff!


Sarah said...

I LOVE all your posts about the twins. They are such cute kids! Love the picture of them tearing up the phone book.