Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Hawaii Trip

Jared and I had an amazing time in Hawaii in April, we did so much in so little time and also managed to relax.  We went to Mauii and stayed at a great Sheraton resort.  We ate great Hawaiin food and non-Hawaiin food while we were there, but probably loved the Hawaiin shave ice the most.  The resort we were at had a black rock cliff right out in the water so we were able to enjoy some cliff jumping and great snorkeling right there.  Some of the things we enjoyed while we were there were massages, a mani/pedi for me, a day with a rental car where we went beach hopping south of where we were staying, a catamaran snorkeling tour, an ATV tour to some waterslides into a pond in the mountains/hills, a big Precoa (the company Jared works for) celebration dinner, and a luau.  We also enjoyed lots of time on the beach, by the pool and lots of time in the ocean.  We loved exploring Lahaina, going to find the only place to eat open past 11 (which was pretty much a bar with surprisingly good food) and a night of dancing at Lahaina's only night club with a group of about 17 Mormon parents without their kids (at least 2 of which were pregnant)... we were a sight to behold!  So... for those who like to look at a million of someone else's vacation photos, here you go ( I did only choose a small portion of what I had).

 Precoa celebration event night
 Jared, Craig, and Jim on the catarmaran.
 A bunch of our friends in the hot tub late one night .  Boys

 More catamaran... Mel, Jen, Dani.
 The luau venue.
Catamaran tour... by the way there was so much coral and so many interesting things to look at in the water where they took us snorkeling.
 After the luau the men were pretty excited :)
 Dance club crew.
 Jared calls this my dancing face.
 Jared on his turn driving the ATV

 Me and Mel at the top of the waterslides.  We had the best pineapple I have ever had on this tour.
 This was the view from the place we parked at the water.... you can see the ocean and another island out there.

 It was a dirty adventure.
Fish tacos from a roadside truck on beach hopping day.

 The waves at big beach were so big when we were there... Jared had a great time playing in them.
 There was the funniest couple with metal detectors at big beach... I had to take a picture of Jared to capture one of them...if only I could have gotten him too.  Jared kept telling me he had some change to toss out.
 Lava flow area.
 View from the hotel lobby

 So many great plants everywhere.
 Shave ice...mmmm
 Banyan tree (this picture does not do this tree justice in any way, but we went at night with only an iphone for a camera).
 Anyway... I am missing so many pictures and so many things, but we had such a great time with so many friends and just the two of us.  A HUGE thanks to Nana who flew to Portland and braved life with all the twins on her own so that we could take this trip.  I cannot wait to get back to Hawaii some day!


Camie said...

Yay!! A full trip review--what an amazing trip--so beautiful and you guys look really happy. That's what kid-free vacations do for you!

Anonymous said...

It does look like so much fun!! So glad you could go. it is still my dream to get your dad there with me some day--but I think I may have to do Alaska first.Mom