Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kate and Liam - one day we'll have some more hair

Kate finally has enough hair to put in pigtails (piggies)!!!

She still does her 'hair checks' and pulls out what Dani put in.  The after result is pretty funny!

Getting both babies to hold still and look at the camera and smile is getting more and more tricky!

On their way upstairs to get ready for bed!  Once the gate at the bottom of the stairs is removed, they go quickly to the stairs.  They're going down the stairs pretty well now, too, which is really nice.  Quite often, Kate refuses to be carried down the stairs as she would prefer to go down herself (which is becoming a theme for her...)

We LOVE this picture of our two sweet babies!!!


Anonymous said...

Love that last picture and so fun to hear about Kate and Liam's new accompliments.