Friday, August 17, 2012

SoCal Day 3

In between Disneyland and the wedding day, we took a few hours to go to the beach!

The kids had fun running away from the waves.  Matt eventually convinced me to join him in the ocean.  Even though we were a thousand miles away from the Oregon coast, the water was still pretty cold!  It was fun going through the waves - they were pretty big and definitely took a little effort to get back on shore.

I brought babies down by the water.  Liam liked it for a little while.  Also, his shirt doesn't stay down... his belly is too big.

Kate LOVED splashing in the water.  I would hold her as the waves would come, and when they would get to her feet, she would squeal with delight.  Then, as the waves receded, she would pull me down the beach to chase the water.  It was so much fun.

With as mobile as the babies have been, trying to keep them contained to a beach towel was a tough task.  I'm sure they were eating sand for their next couple meals!

Our nephew Wyatt is in a stage where he makes this awesome chipmunk face for his smile - he is hilarious!

We ate lunch on Balboa Pier as we were ducking a pelican that kept flying super close to us.  Once it landed on the rail right behind us... I was just glad I didn't have fish and chips!

The boys were having fun playing together all day!

The girls took collected sea shells.  They also took turns closing their eyes for this picture!

Balboa pier and the Jensen circus!

Later that night, we got dressed up for the wedding dinner.  Claire got to finally wear her pretty white dress she's been eyeballing.

Jacob was in heaven - shortly after we arrived, Hayley's sister Chelsea took Jacob over to a group of 6 of Hayley's college girl friends to ask him about Disneyland.  They were over there with Jacob telling Disneyland stories for at least 10-15 minutes!  Later, Jacob sat next to our long-time friend Wayland and the two of them hit it off.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable picture of Jared and Kate. I remember when Dani's belly was too big and her shirts rode up. I am also a big fan of Claire in the white dress and of the sleeping kids and Amber.