Thursday, August 16, 2012

Disneyland Day 2 - Disneyland!

Day 2 started with a planning session... Nana had purchased a program called RideMaxx, which helps organize and optimize your day at Disneyland.  The men had to coordinate the schedule before walking into the park for the day.

The first stop, as soon as the park opened was FantasyLand.  We did the Peter Pan ride, Mr. Toad's, Dumbo, and the Merry Go Round.  Thankfully Kate started liking these rides, though we didn't try her on the Merry Go Round again!

It was fun to have Nana, Papa, all the aunts and uncles and cousins to experience Disneyland with!

The kids enjoyed exploring around ToonTown a bit.  The rollercoaster there was the first of the day for Claire, who I think surprised herself that she enjoyed it.  In the end, she didn't ride Space Mountain or the Matterhorn, but rode all the rest of the rides, and declared Splash Mountain to be her favorite (despite saying, "I'm not ready for this!!!" all the way up the final hill).

Liam was really excited to ride It's a Small World!  Maybe it was just because he wanted to get out of the heat for a few minutes.  Okay, it's like 20 minutes.  Of the same song.  Jacob says about the ride, "It's a Small World is funny because it's actually a really big world!"

Kate and Liam were happy to be with the whole group, and were really well behaved.  As usual, we had a lot of comments about our twins, and Kate and Liam were more than willing to entertain interested people.

The whole crew!

Nana and Papa!

We were able to catch a Jedi training show.  Jacob, Clayton, and Wyatt were selected to be the 'younglings' training to become Jedi.  They first taught and practiced a couple moves, and then Darth Vader and Darth Maul came out to fight!  Wyatt was front and center and looked a bit shell shocked.  Clayton looked like he was ready to have a real light saber battle.  Jacob, who isn't familiar with the Star Wars story, wasn't sure what to make of Darth Maul!  It was fun to watch our boys, and they were so proud of themselves!

With the RideMaxx system, we spent the morning riding rides in FantasyLand, the Matterhorn, and Buzz Blasters while amassing fast passes for some of the popular rides with longer lines.  It was fun to know that we would be able to ride Star Tours, Space Mountain (three times!), Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones, and Big Thunder Mountain (twice in a row) without waiting.

It was very worthwhile to have a plan going in with a group of our size.  We ended up riding rides, with a break for the Jedi training and lunch, from the time the park opened at 8 until about 6, when we went to go see the parade.

Liam was really excited to watch the parade.  He watched pretty intently and loved the music and would dance to it.

It was fun being with with Taylor and Hayley before their wedding.

We ended up staying pretty late.  Even though we ended up walking a lot, everyone did well, though we were all ready to rest our feet by the end of the day.  Disneyland is pretty at night with all the lights.

It was a memorable day!


Anonymous said...

I love it when I am rewarded with a post when I check your blog and today I hit the jackpot. I loved Claire's comment while heading up the roller coaster and Jacob's about the world really being big. Nana a Papa look like a couple of kids themselves!