Saturday, January 19, 2013

A beautiful day at the beach!

We left Wilsonville, and it had been frosty for the last few days and looked like this...

Kate and Liam immediately took to the sand and were so happy to be playing outside.  They loved carrying around their buckets and shovels and filling their buckets.

Building a sandcastle is somewhat of a challenge with toddlers.  Liam especially liked helping.

We had a few minutes to finish the castle before the toddlers helped take it down.

Here's another view of the castle in process - check out Liam's plumber's crack!

We made a little toddler chair.  Both Kate and Liam liked sitting in it... as long as they got to keep their shovels and buckets!

I LOVE this picture of Liam!

The babies took a break from playing in the sand for a quick drink.

Something about the sunshine made for good pictures!

Kate was our wanderer.  She liked walking around and meeting other people, dogs (she LOVES dogs!), and areas of the beach.  At one point, Kate made her way to the water.  A little wave made its way up to us, and Kate loved walking around the water.  It was cold!

The sunshine also shows Liam's red hair.  His hair looks a little more orange than Claire's.

Jared and Jacob took turns kicking a football around.  Dani took some fast shutter pictures.

Before we left, Jacob and Claire decided to have a few minutes on the swings.  How cool is that?  Swings on beach!

After the beach, we took a trip to the candy store where we got $1 Tillamook ice cream cones... YUM! Claire and Jacob both got to spin the wheel, and Claire won free popcorn and got to write her name on a little paper to put on the wall!  It was pretty exciting!

Afterwards, we went on a rollerblade and scooter ride.  Yes, we still rollerblade.  When it comes back, we'll be so in again.  It was fun to see the different hotels and all the seaside homes.

Liam had a lot of fun - Kate fell asleep.

We went until the sun basically went down.  Only a few minutes after this picture of Dani (how pretty!), the fog rolled in quite quickly, and the sun disappeared.

We went to a restaurant, Norma's.  This is only significant in that it was actually quite a peaceful dinner!  Babies ate clam chowder, garlic bread, fresh bread fried fish (not Kate), fries, and cole slaw.  It was so refreshing to have such a peaceful meal!

The photographers!

It was an awesome day!!!