Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life with twin toddlers (again)

It's amazing how much of our memories of Jacob and Claire as toddlers comes from pictures and stories we have recorded.  There are lots of times and events that don't end up in the blog, many of them likely are times where the babies are being difficult and we don't want to remember it!  With that in mind, below are a few tidbits of life with twin toddlers... again.

Part of the bedtime routine for the babies is sitting and reading a book while drinking from their cups.  Once we begin the routine, it's pretty easy to get the kids in their beds.  We have a drink while reading a book (Liam sometimes likes to read a book alone on his blue rocking chair).  Then we have prayers, give each other noggins, turn on the Star night light, and put the babies in bed.  Kate screams like crazy for about 60 seconds and settles down.  For the next hour or more, Liam pounds on the walls (with his head, hands and feet) and they both take turns talking and singing.  

Sometimes, you have to make trade-offs.  Dani reported she successfully cleaned the entire kitchen, folded laundry, and put away a pile of random things we had collected in a basket (which, honestly, was probably the biggest accomplishment of all).  Meanwhile, Liam helped un-load their drawers upstairs, scatter Tupperware across the house (twice) and Kate helped un-fold some of the laundry.  Two steps forward, one and a half steps backward.

Kate continues to love playing with her babies.  While she was given a baby for Christmas, she has become equally attached to one of Claire's old babies (which Claire really didn't play with much, until recently when Kate developed a love for babies).

Liam, who was sitting in his highchair at the time Dani took the picture of Kate and her baby, started looking at Dani saying, "Cheese," fully expecting a picture to be taken of him.  

Liam still loves playing in his box.  He likes to load it up with toys and climb in.

We have had some really nice, sunny (and chilly) days.  Dani has been taking advantage by getting out and walking with the babies.  Because of the frequent rain we get in Portland, we seem to appreciate these sunny days even more.