Saturday, January 05, 2013

January fun

We've had a number of beautiful days over the past couple weeks - most of which, we've seen from inside our house.  Liam has started bringing his shoes and asking that they be put on, and once they're on, saying, "Go... Go..."  He really likes to be outside.

On Friday, Dani took the kids to the Korean War Memorial park.  Babies' favorite thing to do was to wander around.  They love to walk!

Dani tried to get a picture of all the kids.  It was apparently a little too sunny!

By Saturday, it returned to rain, so we decided to do some bowling.  Jacob, after he would roll the ball, would stand there with his hand in the air. the entire time.


Claire and Jacob went back and forth using the ramp and throwing the ball, and settled by the middle of the game for throwing.  Claire was hilarious to watch!  She threw some backhanded.  She basically dropped it (it came to rest in front of the 2nd row of pins).  She would bend her knees, pop back up, and drop it.  Then, when she realized how slow the ball was rolling, she decided to walk all the way near the seats, run forward and drop it, and then exclaim, "look, it went faster!"  She would stand there and try to guide the ball to where she wanted it to go.

Kate and Liam watched from their strollers. Liam really liked clapping once the pins were knocked over. 

Jared, after rolling a 1 on the first frame, ended up with 142!  He was happy about it.

Kate and Liam were excited to show off their new outfits.  Kate's has a little hood, and she would occasionally put it on.