Monday, September 02, 2013

Getting the most out of the end of summer

We realized that summer was coming to an end this week, so we decided to make the most of it.  First, Dani took the kids to the zoo.  They got to see the giraffes fighting with each other - they would swing their necks at one another's backsides - it was hilarious!  The penguins loved coming right up to Jacob and Liam.

We took our bikes to Wilsonville on Friday to get some ice cream.  We're happy that Claire is riding her big bike - it was too big for her for a while, then we discovered the chain was broken.  We continue to love taking family bike rides.

Which is what we decided to do on Monday.  We went up to a bike trail between the airport and the Columbia River.  For quite a while, the trail is on top of the levee, so we watched airplanes take off and land along side of us.

We found a place right at the end of the runway where the airplanes went directly over our heads and watched a number of planes take off.  The kids (and Jared) all loved it!

It was also fun to watch all the boats in the water and look across the river at the homes along the Washington side of the river.

Now that we got a good weekend of Portland activities out, we're ready for the fall to begin.