Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mirror Lake

We decided for Labor Day weekend, we would spend the weekend enjoying Portland and the outdoors.  We spent Saturday hiking up to Mirror Lake, near Mt. Hood.  The drive was funny because Kate was in one of her hilarious moods - we saw a few airplanes preparing to land, and she got really excited, and would flap her arms and say, "Lamm, lamm, lamm."  That became the running joke for the hike.

The kids were good little hikers.  We got to hear all about who knows what from Kate and Liam the entire way up.  Jacob wanted elevation updates, so Jared estimated over and over.

Once we were up at the lake, Claire and Kate were afraid of the dragonflies, and Kate chose to eat her lunch sitting in her hiking backpack.

Here's a panorama of the view from lunch - in front of us is Tom, Dick, and Harry mountain.

The view of Mt. Hood was spectacular!

Here's another panorama of the view of Mt. Hood.  When the lake is still, the reflection is beautiful!

Jared parked up the road a ways, so he had to run to the car, so Dani and the kids waited at a picnic bench near the parking lot.  It was a good time to get some pictures of the crew.