Tuesday, May 12, 2015


We pulled into Mykonos and immediately decided we wanted to rent a moped with Jim and Mel and scoot around the island.  It ended up being an awesome trip!

After taking a quick trip to the far northwest corner of the island, we decided for the first part of the day we would go beach hopping. The first beach we went to was Paradise Beach on the south part of the island.  We met with other Precoa people there as we sat and relaxed in the warm(ish) sun.  We didn't end up getting in the water yet since we had more riding to do and we wanted to be comfortable!

We hopped back on our bike and motored to Aphrodite Beach on the southeast part of the island. 

 The Precoa beach tour was there, so we saw lots of other Precoa people.  After a classic Greek lunch, Jared and Jim went off and explored the coastline and then came back and willed themselves into the cold water!

The landscape of Mykonos was gorgeous!  We toured around remote areas of the island.  Eventually, we made it to an area on the far east end of the island that we decided was the access to the landfill - even it was gorgeous!

We found our way over to the north part of the island where it was super windy and watched windsurfers.

After riding for miles (or kilometers since we were in Europe), we finally decided to stop into the town of Mykonos to walk around and to get something to eat - we had a delicious Gyro and some yummy pastries.. We initially, before parking, drove out near the bay, following some taxis and police cars, only to find out that it was a pedestrian only road (taxis and law enforcement excepted). As we were pulling out, a large group of moped and 4-wheel riders from Precoa went driving down the same road, only to be turned around as well.  It was entertaining to watch!

The area we ate was called "Little Venice" because of how narrow and windy the streets were. I loved the white highlights on the streets.  We didn't leave ourselves much time to shop (though most of the shops were selling things similar to both Santorini and Athens), but we definitely enjoyed our walk through the town. It was a quieter and calmer town than both Athens and Santorini.

Mykonos was a great change of pace and was an absolutely beautiful island and experience!