Saturday, May 09, 2015


After a full day hiking through Santorini, we got a good night's sleep and decided it may be better to take a more relaxed approach in Rhodes.  We first took a self-guided tour of the Palace of the Grand Master (after walking through some fun streets inside the city wall).

The rooms were enormous with soaring ceilings.  The artwork to admire was more on the floors, where Italian dictator Mussolini, after invading Greece, had taken Byzantine-era mosaics and brought them into the Palace.  It was an interesting place to visit,

but we had places to go!  So, we went on a short (okay, close to 2 miles) walk to the beach

to relax for a few hours!  To our surprise, the Mediterranean is cold!!!  Jared had read about a platform out in the ocean that you could jump off of, and so, once Jim convinced Jared to get into the frigid water, they set off, and, once Jared convinced Jim to jump off, they had a great time jumping in.  It felt great to get some relaxing vacation time!