Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fun aboard the ship

The ports were certainly the highlight of the entire trip, but we had an amazing time in between the ports, too!

From the very first night, as we sailed away from port, we got a good idea of how much fun we would have on the ship on the Reflections lounge, right at the top and at the front.  It was there that later we were entertained by Karaoke night.

We had a number of formal nights, including our Precoa celebration event, where we dressed up for dinner.  Dani looked stunning each night! The celebration event was a spectacle!  There was a lot of work put in to making sure that everyone that would go up on stage had an assigned seat and that the flow of the show would be flawless, and it ended up being virtually flawless! The highlights were a duo of lip sync performances, the reaction of some of the funeral home owners who were honored with awards, and the message and video at the end, accompanied by Broadway star (who played Glinda in Wicked), Nikki Bohne, singing "Because I knew You."
We enjoyed taking long walks around the ship, playing ping pong, trying to find a hot tub (they were more like warm tubs, and they closed early), and, of course, eating everything!  The dinners were amazing, and breakfasts were huge!

One day, Jared played a game of basketball, and afterward, joined in on a game of soccer.  It ended up being the American tourists versus the international crew, and the Americans were happy to report that they dominated (much to the chagrin of one Czech crew member)

Another sea day, there was a pool volleyball tournament, and Precoa put together a team that Jared was on. Winning the first 2 games earned them the chance to play against the ship crew. It was a close game, where the Precoa team had to come back right at the end,

but in the end, and much to the crowd's delight, the Precoa team won, winning an amazing medal!

One of the funniest/strangest things on the ship was the statue of a large gorilla carrying a fish by the running track on the top deck.  

There were lots of opportunities to watch the sun setting over the horizon!