Thursday, July 09, 2015

Playing with cousins

We started the 4th of July with a trip to watch the Montgomery City parade. We swam for a while and had a poolside dinner with friends, and then 

Taylor, Andrew, and Jared's cousin Parker put on a fireworks show in the back yard. Liam was particularly entertaining to watch as he enthusiastically watched the fireworks. As it got darker, more and more people found their ways into the pool to enjoy the show. It was a great way to watch a fireworks show!

As always, we spent lots of our cousin time in the swimming pool, playing games, having contests jumping off the diving board, watching the Christensens do flips off the diving board (Lydia tried a full flip for almost an hour!), 

climbing on our aunts and uncles, and floating in the hot tub playing make believe games.

There was also lots of time just floating around. While we may not have pictures of Liam swimming, he actually did really well this week - though he definitely didn't want to jump in!

Torin especially loved the pool. Every time he was outside, if he wasn't in the pool, he was trying to get into the pool. He definitely preferred playing himself rather than being carried around or floating in the pool. He loved playing on the top two steps, walking back and forth, climbing up and down, throwing balls and playing with buckets and other pool toys. It was so much fun to watch him play and enjoy the pool!

These two little girls were inseparable, playing for hours at a time, often times completely out of site under the stairs.

For evenings and rainy times, 

and when we needed a break from pool time, we found plenty of fun in the basement playing pool, pop-a-shot, and ping pong!

We found a perfect short for Andrew - the front said, "ask me about my goat," and Andrew was happy to oblige!

Torin got to have lots of Nana time and hung out with Camie for a while as she was teaching Dani about doing family history on FamilySearch.

The boys played a new game Jared got (with some drama!) - Spikeball - and loved it!

It was such a fun week to have all the siblings and cousins together at Nana's!