Friday, July 03, 2015

Reds Game

After a couple days hanging out in the swimming pool, we got to go to a Reds game. Papa got us in the mood for baseball by donning his Mr. Redlegs hat and mustache (after we all thought he had gone to bed). It was hilarious! The Scripps building shared the look.

We went down to the game a few hours prior to the first pitch so that we could explore the brand new riverfront park, Smale Park.  Our first stop was the carousel.

Each of the animals on the carousel were donated by local businesses or people and have some special meaning. Taylor and Andrew found perhaps the smallest animals to ride - a queen bee and a cicada! They looked hilarious!

We got a few good family pictures with the carousel and in front of the Roebling bridge. Perhaps inspired by the Mr. Redlegs mustache sported by papa a few nights earlier, the boys all sported special facial hair.

Smale Park had a number of very cool and unique features. There is a floor piano, like the one in the movie Big, that plays the bells. The kids ran up and down and all around the keyboard.

There were some climbing poles, and the kids took turns trying to get to the top. Claire was successful and rung the bell!

There was a flying pig sculpture that the kids took turns riding in. The people below could pull down on the pig and the wings would go up and down ans the body of the pig wend down and up.

The park had a fun play structure that included a small climbing wall, which is where Amber got this cute picture of Liam.

We played a game of Red vs. White human checkers under the bridge.

Nana and Papa was on their games for getting good pictures with her grandkids as we walked around the park.

The Reds were getting ready to host the all star game the next week, and there were decorations all over the city, including mustaches (like Mr. Redlegs' mustache) randomly around the city.

We had a beautiful view of the field from the left field corner.

Torin was super cute sitting in his own chair, and he especially enjoyed talking with the people sitting behind us.

It was, honestly, not a great game to watch. It was a long game and the Reds never really threatened and ended up getting blown out. Fortunately for Claire, the Reds never hit a home run, so there were never any fireworks during the game!

There were fireworks after the game, though, which we thoroughly enjoyed!