Monday, July 27, 2015

The wave

Torin loves to wave. When we are at church, he loves to stand on Jared's or Dani's lap looking back toward where people are sitting, make eye contact with someone and wave.  He loves to be held in a parking lot and say hi and bye to all the cars and people as they are coming and going. He loves to wave hi to strangers as they pass by him as he sits in his high chair in restaurants.

Torin's wave doesn't just mean "Hi" or "Bye."  Here are a few other things that are reasons to wave for Torin:

"I want that" - When he wants something (especially food, or where he wants to go while being held), sometimes he will point at it (with his whole arm) then start waving. Other times, he will just stare intently at something and start to wave at it.  Other times, he will open and close his hands, or he will put his hands together (like a clap), which means "more."

"Goodnight" - When he is ready for bed and he has finished his milk, we start to tell him "night night," at which point he starts waving to anyone he can see. Once we lay him in his bed, he continues waving until he can't see us anymore.

"Thank You" - We think that sometimes the wave means "thank you."  There are times that he starts waving at us after we give him something - he will first wave, then turn his attention to what was given to him.

We LOVE Torin's wave. We encourage it and have found ourselves waving much more than we used to.