Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cub Scouts

Jacob is now a Bear Scout, and Dani's new calling is to be a den mother for the bear scouts, so she gets to be part of his cub scout experience. This last week was their summer camp. They had 3 days of fun. "Danger Day" was day 1 and included setting up a tent, shooting air rifles and bows and arrows

Day 2 was spent at the horse stables, riding and learning all about horses.

The last day was a fun day, spent swimming and playing at a members' home.

Dani is enjoying the challenge of combining efforts with the Wilsonville Ward so that there are more boys in their den and coming up with engaging activities that keep the boys attention, teach them something, and allow them to have fun. It is fun to hear Jacob come home telling us how much fun he is having at cub scouts!