Friday, August 07, 2015

Princess Ballerina

This week, Kate has spent an hour a day at a "Princess Ballerina" dance class. She has learned how to walk and run like a ballerina, twirl, plie, and jump. She had a look of joy getting ready, participating in, and reflecting on the class later in the day.

Dani would take the other kids to the park nearby and would occasionally pay a visit. Kate was always excited to have an audience.

On the last day, they did a little show to present all the things they had learned that week. The full family, including Vicki, were watching, and Kate was thrilled.

Our presence may have been a little distracting to her - for some reason, she kept tucking her arms into her tutu and raising it up, and completely forgetting what the rest of the class was doing. She did have fun doing her solo times.

We love our little princess ballerina!