Friday, August 07, 2015

Grandma comes to visit

We always love when Grandma comes to town! She brought Jacob and Claire on a grandma-grandkids date to see Wicked in Portland.

She also braved the heat in going out to parks and following Torin as he wandered around the water features. He really LOVES playing in the water!

We borrowed a bike and loaded up to go out to the Banks Vernonia trail. It was a lot warmer than the last time we went! We had a great ride with our whole group.

Another side note - it takes a long time (and feels a little miraculous that it all fits) to pack up 3 adult bikes, 2 kid bikes, 2 trail-a-bikes, and a bike trailer! Jared is pretty certain that the time it takes loading, unloading, re-loading, and re-unloading is longer than the time we spend riding! That said, the beauty of the trail (and the Dairy Queen on the way home) make the drive to Banks Vernonia worth it!