Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hanging out

We continue our posting things that happened 3 weeks ago. We have so many pictures to share, we don't want to put them all on at once!

Aunt Bridget was concerned during the family reunion that Claire's hair did not look girly enough. Jared likes her to have crazy hair, and he'd been the one to dry Claire off after baths in Jackson. So, Bridget took matters into her own hands. A few minutes later, we got a cute, very girly hairstyle on Claire:Jacob, meanwhile, got to spend some time in the basement with the boys playing Axis and Allies. He was privy to a whole bunch of strategy-talk by the Allies, but was tight-lipped when the Axis tried to get him to talk! Good thing Tyler and Andrew weren't leading the Axis powers, or we'd be having to speak German or Japanese!

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Camie said...

great picture of jacob!! I love the commentary too!

ANJ said...

ok jacob just hangs out. i like him. he´s chill. claire is crazy. she´s gonna have to stick with me and lydia. we are crazy too :)