Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Tricks

Jacob can now stand himself up. Sometimes, he uses Claire to stand himself up. On Sunday, Dani and I were in the kitchen and Jacob and Claire were in the playroom. Jacob started complaining, so we went to see what they were doing and Jacob had both hands on Claire's head and was trying, unsuccessfully, to stand up. He was frustrated because her head was too small to get himself up! Claire was just laying there, not complaining. I think she'll either be a really tough girl or knows that, come 10 years old when she develops faster, she can get revenge!

Here they are, quite happy in Claire's crib. Check out the hair!

Jacob absolutely loves graham crackers. He keeps his hands right next to his mouth like a chipmunk and finishes a square really fast! He keeps 2 hands on that cracker so no one can take it away, I think.Claire loves her crackers, too, but we often find half of it on her lap before she finishes it.
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Camie said...

These kiddos are growing up so fast!! It's cute to see all their new little tricks! We love graham crackers here too!

amber nicole said...

i love graham crackers too. yeah jacob!

CMIL said...

Wow, what a treat--several entries in one week! Keep up the good work and thanks!