Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pigtails and Pullups

Claire recently had her first set of pigtails. We thought she looked really cute, but they were also a little wild since the hair on top of her hair is long and then her entire head is also covered with shorter hairs. They only lasted long enough to take a couple of pictures.

Jacob is learning to pull himself up. He can get to his knees really well now and in the past couple days has gotten to his feet a few times. In these pictures he was practicing in Claire's crib; he is always so happy to get up! Now every morning when I go to get him out of bed he is on his knees waiting.

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amber nicole said...

he looks SOOOOOOOOOO much like you jared! and she is a sassy little chiquita... just the way i like em :)

thanks for all the recent updates!

CMIL said...

What fun pictures. I love the pig tail shots. Why have alll the pictures of Jacob lately been in the pink crib? He looks like he is wild to escape prison in that first shot.

Anonymous said...

I love Claire's piggies...they are so cute. I wish i was closer so I could eat them up.

auntie crazy said...

I love claire's piggies...that's it-she needs to come spend some time with all her girl cousins in wyoming! We are professional hair piggies over here!