Wednesday, February 07, 2007

To Busy for Pictures

On Sunday we were trying to get pictures of Jacob and Claire in their matching outfits (thanks Amber) but they were just too busy, we couldn't snap fast enough with them sitting because Jacob needed to be crawling. We resorted to taking pictures of them crawling since everywhere one goes, so goes the other (which usually means Claire follows Jacob since he is faster).

She loves to smile for the camera (she still had some dinner on her face).

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!
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amber nicole said...

oh my gosh, cutest ever. and keep up this daily posting -- i'm loving my daily dose!

Alisha Harris said...

Cute kids. I love their cute blue outfits. Sounds like they really like each other right now. That's fun.


CMIL said...

I agree with amber on all accounts. In some pictures Jacob looks much like Jared. I do see some of Dani in Claire but swear she is more inclined to have Walters characteristics.

Love the big round beautiful eyes on Jacob.

CMIL said...

Claire dos seems to flash a smile for the camera!