Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jacob's Spotlight

Jacob is a lot of fun. He is full of energy and needs to be moving constantly every waking moment. He is a very busy boy and very intense, but so happy. He is such a fast crawler now; here he is after the camera, I barely got the camera to click before he got to me.
Sometimes if you put a busy boy in a new place you can buy yourself a couple of seconds.
He pulls himself up on everything, and he cruises around all the furniture and even on walls; he will even lunge between furniture to stay standing. He is so brave and really wants to walk, he will pull himself up to standing and can actually stand pretty well on his own, but usually gets too excited to get moving and will try to walk before he ever gets his balance. The next two pictures are right before bathtime (hence the dirty face). Jacob goes nuts in his crib when he is awake, he likes to 'march march' and 'bounce bounce'. He also likes to let us know he is awake in the morning by scratching the wall, which is actually REALLY loud.
Who could resist this face?
He loves to explore in the bathroom. We think that he knows bathtime is almost bedtime because he starts into double-time mode when the bathwater starts running. He also really loves screaming right now (happy or sad) and the bathroom is just about the worst place for that because it just rings off of everything in the room. He is such a fun happy boy. Keeping up with him is unreal!


cmil said...

adorable pictures! you can see the mischief in his eyes, especially on that last one.

I continue to see some resembalnce to his cousin, Breckin.

Jared and Dani said...

Maybe not so much mischief as 'Dad, I'm naked and you have a camera out!' A little cropping helped get this one on the blog!

cmil said...

I wondered about that one and if it had to be cropped.

Anxiously awaiting birthday celebration pictures!