Tuesday, April 17, 2007


We had a very fun Easter Sunday. Jacob and Claire had very cute coordinating outfits compliments of Grandma Vicki. Jacob was a little too busy for his Easter basket at first (but oh so cute).
Claire eventually discovered the goodies in her basket, she is still a little upset in this picture from having her hair fixed. (Notice the box of Fruity Cheerios in the background, that was their "Easter treat".)
We went to Nana and Papa's house for Easter dinner and Camie and Matt were there with the cousins. It just isn't easy to get a picture of three babies/toddlers.
Jacob loved the plastic eggs, he just couldn't get enough of them.
Claire thought that her Easter gift from Nana was crinkle paper, she would not pay attention to any of the goodies in the basket but emptied the basket of crinkle paper one piece at a time. If I tried to start cleaning up her mess she would pull it out in handfuls.


Rebecca said...

I love the matching outfits! So cute!

cmil said...

They do look adorable in their birthday/Easter outfits. I love the krinkle paper story and picture that goes with it and the piggy tails. I'm sure it was and adventure getting those in her hair.

Thanks for the update.

amber nicole said...

happy birthday twinners! can't wait to see you guys!

Shauna said...

How fun! I thought it would be so fun to have girl/boys twins. :) You dressed your little ones up so cute for easter. I have boy twins.:) They are sure a lot of fun!