Sunday, April 22, 2007

Birthday Babies!

The Presents!

Claire loved playing with the paper. The presents inside weren't as much of a hit (until the next day)
Jacob is learning how to play baseball! First step is how to hold the bat (2nd step is how not to hit your sister).
Nana got the kids a play table and they love it! They play with it very differently, Jacob gets all the sounds going at the same time, Claire waits for the song or noise to finish before trying another one. Dani can now sing every song it plays.

We are noticing that toys are very loud, but they love them! Nana especially liked getting the loud ones for our kids. We're planning on bringing them over every time we visit!


Anonymous said...

I have been dying to see these pictures. I love your commentary, especially the second step in baseball.

They look so cute and are changing so rapidly. I love being able to at least see them in pictures and hearing them on the phone, but wish we could see them in the flesh more often.

cmil said...

previous comment was by me.

cmil said...

I'll bet she can sing every song and loves them too! It will be great for Nana to get them meoized also!

Anonymous said...

love to get a feel of her little p-s-y