Saturday, April 28, 2007

Walking man (and a couple other funny pictures)

Jacob has been learning to walk in the past two weeks and is now getting pretty steady on his feet. He's now to the stage of pulling himself up to walk to certain places instead of just crawling He likes to carry stuff around with him as he goes. It's still a pretty stiff-legged walk and is entertaining to watch. He can go all the way across the kitchen, turn, and go down the hallway now. He also likes to climb stairs which has necessitated a gate at the bottom because he hasn't figured out how to go down on purpose (he went down from the 2nd stair not on purpose the other day!)
Here he's visiting his sister - it won't be long before he can do this without dad's help.
Jacob apparently was born with a long tongue!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Jacob! No comment on the tongue picture--and I have't sown John yet.

amber nicole said...

jacob looks like frankenstein. that is all.

Alisha Harris said...

Mason is thinking about walking too. He went from nothing to 2-3 steps overnight. It is a fun and dangerous phase for little ones.