Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Bye" and "No no no"

A few short stories (pictures will be included on the next post):

Jacob and Claire's favorite words! The other day, Andrew and my dad came over for a short visit. As they left, Jacob started yelling, "Bye!" and waving. He then ran over to the window, which was open, and continued yelling, "Bye!" as they got in the car, backed down the driveway (very slowly), and drove away. Andrew had his window down saying, "bye," which made Jacob even louder. He probably continued a full minute after they left! It was very cute.

Today, during his doctor appointment, Jacob kept hugging the nurse's legs. He'd give her a hug, run around, then repeat (4 times!). What a sweetie!

Claire has become very adament when she doesn't think something is doing what is should be doing. If Jacob has a toy Claire wants, she says, "no, no, no" while waving her finger. If she doesn't want some sort of food, if she doesn't think we're changing her diaper fast enough, if she's not ready to be put down, she says, "no, no, no." She's becoming very opinionated!

Next week will be their first in nursery! That has numerous women in the ward telling Dani that they'll be praying for the nursery leaders. I've been told by speakers and the bishopric that watching our family makes them tired! They're getting a lot better in Sacrament meeting, but the second and third hours are quite a challenge. I continue to be grateful I have both kids so at least one of mine isn't the loudest in the ward!


Anonymous said...

I love reading te comments and actually laughed out loud!