Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago, the ward's playgroup was at a pumpkin patch. Claire and Jacob had a great time in the pumpkins.
Jacob liked the bridge (in the background). He spent most of the time going up one side, down the other.
Dani's favorite time was when they were preoccupied in the pumpkins - when they weren't running in opposite directions!
The place was very cool, there were all sorts of creations: a pirate ship, Alladin's castle, Fred Flintstone's car, a train, Winnie the Pooh's forest, and other stuff. It was a very cool place.

Dani needed a nap after chasing them around, but she said it was a lot of fun.


Julie said...

What a sweet pumpkin patch! I was just looking at your Christmas picture from last year and your kids have gotten so big since then!! I'm totally jealous that you guys are still wearing short sleeves. It's freezing here!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute picturew! Thanks for sharing.

Julie said...

P.S. Someone sent me this blog of an LDS family that just had quintuplets. You and Dani have to go look at it and check out there post called 'A picture is worth a thousand words'. Jeremy and I thought you guys would get a laugh out of it. http://wilkinsonquints.blogspot.com/