Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Little buddies

2 posts in 1 day!

Kiddos love when their friend Abigail comes over! Jacob and Abigail chase each other around the house, and Claire joins in the fun when she feels like it (she likes having some time when Jacob is occupied!).

Abigail is good for Jacob - if you go back into the history, you'll see a picture just like this of Jacob hopping into Claire's lap!
This is at the pumpkin patch - Claire wanted nothing to do with being in a tight space with those two!
We watched Abigail recently, and they took a bath together. It was crazy!
Click on the picture to get a bigger image of the water flying!


cmil said...

How nice to have a friend for both Claire and Jacob. Jacob gets a friend that will stand u to him and Claire gets a reprieve. they all look so cute together. Be sure to save the bathtub pictures to show their future dates. I still like Claire with light bangs best.