Friday, October 26, 2007

Some funny pictures

Does this remind anyone of those little factory workers in Shrek 2?

Jacob loves to talk on my new phone. I'll occasionally call it, and Jacob will walk around talking and talking.
I love this picture from the JDRF walk
Cousins Clayton, Lydia, and friend Ellie at the JDRF walk. I believe this is the only picture we got where all 5 are visible (because Jacob kept wanting to run off)
Check out these other walkers! They saw the security post, and had to get a picture next to it. Those costumes are seriously amazing!


cmil said...

Thanks for more pics. I love the one of Jacob on the phone. For the first time I see a picture of Claire that reminds me of pictures I have seen of myself at about her age--the one with her cousins and Holly and baby.

Matt and Rachel said...

cute pictures. i don't know how dani can get anything done with 2 toddlers. i have enough trouble making dinner with just one. talk to you guys soon! have you seen our blog yet:

sassparilla said...

tell jacob to call me sometime... i am also known to be on the phone quite frequently :)

Taylor Jensen said...

dunno if you can get more secure than that. perhaps a pack of ninjas. maybe.