Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dani's adventurous morning

Last week, Dani and Sara Brown planned on getting pictures of kids. This morning was the morning. It started off different than normal because Claire and Jacob needed baths since we had a babysitter last night so Dani could go to her interior decorating class and so I could do my Cub Scouts calling. After getting Claire out of the tub and spreading Magic Butt Cream over her bad diaper rash, Claire was basically inconsolable. So, with Jacob happily playing in the tub, Dani held and clalmed Claire down.

Upon returning to the tub, Dani saw Jacob drinking the water (which kiddos both love to do) - which had poop in it! (side note, this is tub-poop #3, all of which I have been absent for - and I'm there for almost all their baths!) Gross!!!

Dani said pictures were a mad-house with the 3 very busy toddlers. She said it was especially difficult to get one of Claire and Jacob close to each other. They're good buddies, but they don't like to have to be close to each other! We'll see later this week how the pictures turned out!

I'm just glad Dani is able to laugh at a morning like this one!


little miss shortcake said...

Poopie baths are the worst! But I actually happened to catch one of ours on tape and it is the funniest thing ever, now that we look back on it.

Sarah said...

I just got done posting on our blog about our adventurous morning at the photo studio. Kids are hard to photograph-you just don't know what kind of mood they are going to be in. I guess that explains my lack of pictures of Abigiail from a photo studio.

cmil said...

Ugh--drinking the water? It sounds like quite the morning! Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

You look like mom dude. Hope your happy about that.
Kaci and Heath